We need you!

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Dear people. Dear friends of w2wtal.

We need you!

For three years now, we have been organizing breakfast at Café ADA every third Sunday of the month together. The first breakfast took place in February 2015. A lot has happened since then. A lot of good things happened in the beginning: We remember summer 2015, when many of you came to Wuppertal and our meetings afterwards, in the autumn of 2015, when we had breakfast with over a hundred people. We remember your and our hopes for a future in which Europe would take its responsibilities and accept people who are in need because of colonialism, wars and exploitation. And many Refugees initially received an opportunity to set up a new life in Germany.

But by the end of 2015, however, the situation on the escape and travel routes had already deteriorated considerably. We remember the camps in Hungary, the misery of those who are stuck in the Balkans or the camp in Idomeni. At the same time, rightwing activists and racists mobilized against our hopes. More and more politicians made demands for exclusion, deportation and isolation their own business. The situation in many European countries changed. Sweden and Austria tightened up their refugee policy, the camp in Calais was evacuated in France, there was a dirty deal with Turkey and refugees were interned on islands in Greece. Refugees were forced onto the dangerous route through the Mediterranean and helpers who tried to save the drowning people there were turned into criminals. Instead, the EU endowed traffickers and operators of torture and rape camps with large sums of money.

Europe showed more and more the old grimace as a colonial power for which people do not have the same value. The speeches of „European values“ turned out to be a lie and hypocrisy. In Germany it seemed a little different for a while. But those who wanted to see it could already see in 2016 that the public debate in Germany was increasingly dominated by misanthropists and racists. No later than the elections last September, and with the successes of the racist AfD, contempt and ignorance have become the official basis of politics here too. The „decrease in the number of refugees“ is now being celebrated like the decline of a serious infection. And the recent agreements between the major parties show that the new government is willing to move away from deterrence towards an open war against all those who are looking for a new home here. On the day of our anniversary breakfast, the “left-wing“ Social Democratic Party will probably agree to accept „upper limits“ for refugees, to detain people in deportation camps, to replace cash payments with vouchers and to keep families waiting for a reunion with their loved ones. It is finally getting cold in Germany. So it’s time we stand together.

We understand that many people are very busy in their everyday lives. That many are tired, too. But we can’t fight for a human future for everyone on our own. We need you to find ways to protect our common life in this city and country. We need you to remember that it still makes sense to counter hatred in the media, politics and on the streets. We need you for keeping our hopes alive.

„I’m here because you’re here. I’m here because we’re here. I’m here because you’re here. I’m here because there are people who are not afraid.“ (Kien Nghi Ha) Therefore we ask you all to come to Café ADA for our anniversary. Let’s be many this time!

Three years w2wtal breakfast at Café ADA: Sunday, January 21st, 11 a. m., Wiesenstraße 6 in Wuppertal-Elberfeld.


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  • 2017 waren wir mit vielen bei We’ll come United in Berlin. Auch 2018 werden wir wieder zusammen teilnehmen und schicken einen Reisebus nach Hamburg. Hin- und Rückfahrt kosten 20,00 Euro.

    Es sind noch Tickets vorhanden!

    Schreibt uns eine E-Mail an
    wcuwpt [at] onenetbeyond.org

    In 2017 we were with many at We’ll come United in Berlin. In 2018 we will again participate together and send a coach to Hamburg. A return ticket costs 20.00 euros.

    Tickets are still available!

    Write us an e-mail to

  • all refugees welcome to wuppertal!

    welcome2wuppertal (w2wtal) ist eine Initiative von Menschen die schon lange in der Stadt leben und neu Zugezogenen. Gemeinsam wollen wir selbstorganiserte und konkret solidarische Strukturen schaffen, die allen hier Lebenden eine Partizipation und das Recht über unser Leben mitzubestimmen ermöglichen. Beteiligt euch, kommt vorbei, macht mit! Wenn ihr Fragen habt, schreibt uns einfach eine E-Mail (nutzt bei sensiblen Inhalten das verschlüsselte Formular), und wenn ihr über w2wtal-Treffen informiert werden möchtet, nutzt einen unserer Kanäle bei Facebook, Twitter oder telegram.


    welcome2wuppertal (w2wtal) is an initiative of people who live here for a longer time and newcomers to our city. Together we want to build up self-organized and real soldary structures, which enable all people to participate and decide about our living. Get involved, come along and join us! If you have any questions, please contact us via E-Mail (use our encrypted formmailer for sensitive content), if you want to get informed about our next meetings, please inform yourself via our channels at Facebook, Twitter or telegram.

    Communicate with us:

  • Self-Empowerment

    Wir möchten zu uns geflüchtete Menschen bei ihrer Selbstermächtigung zu unterstützen. Als von einer einseitigen Gesetzgebung und einer oft rassistischen Praxis Betroffene, müssen neu Zugezogene zu eigenen politischen Akteuren im neuen Lebensumfeld werden. w2wtal möchte dabei helfen, die Bedingungen für ein eigenes politisches Handeln als eigenständige Akteure in der Stadtgesellschaft zu verbessern.


    We try to support a self-empowerment of people who came to us. Being affected by a one-sided legislation and an often racist practice, newcomers have to become political participants on their own in a new social environment. w2wtal wants to help to improve the conditions for a political participation as independent actors of our city‘s society.

  • Deutschkurs/German Course

    Seit Mitte 2015 haben wir nach Wuppertal gezogenen Menschen geholfen, einen eigenen Deutschkurs zu organisieren und zu besuchen. Im Fokus stand dabei immer die Idee, Sprachunterricht für alle anzubieten – unabhängig von Papieren und unabhängig davon, ob sie sich offiziell oder inoffiziell in unserer Stadt aufhalten. Das halten wir immer noch für eine wichtige Aufgabe. Nachdem die Kurse bisher im Café ADA stattgefunden haben, hat es jetzt einen Wechsel der Unterrichtsräume gegeben. Dafür findet der Kurs aber auch wieder zweimal wöchentlich statt.

    In Kooperation mit der „Flüchtlingshilfe Nordstadt“ gibt es am Montag und am Donnerstag jeweils von 15:00 Uhr bis 16:30 Uhr Deutschkurse im „Besser Lernen Institut“ in der Wuppertal-Elberfelder Innenstadt (Alte Freiheit 1 ).

    Anmeldung hier: Anmeldung Sprachkurs .

    Die Kurse sind nach wie vor kostenlos und unabhängig vom Aufenthaltsstatus.


    Since 2015 we support refugees in visiting a self-organized Deutsch-course. Our main goal was the idea to offer a language-course for all people, without looking for their papers and without paying attention to whether someone is living officially in our town. We still find this very important. After two years of Deutsch-Courses at Café ADA, our course moved to a new adress, where we offer two courses a week again.

    In cooperation with „Flüchtlingshilfe Nordstadt“ we organize courses on Monday and Thursday, from 15:00 CET to 16:30 CET. The courses take place at „Besser Lernen Institut“ in the center of Wuppertal-Elberfeld (Alte Freiheit 1 ).

    Registration: Anmeldung Sprachkurs .

    Our courses still are free and regardless of your status.